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5 Signs of Global Warming is Upon Us

In 2018 one of the biggest issues facing our world is climate change, and the fight to sustain our planet’s environment. For years the voices of sustainability advocates, and those “in-the-know” about climate change were muffled by the masses, and occasionally one loud enough voice would shine through and actually be heard. However, today more and more individuals in powerful positions are speaking out, and the world is finally ready to hear the truth. Alicia Procello Maddox the president of the Avery Dennison Foundation has a powerful voice in the sustainability movement, and with the help of her team at the Avery Dennison Foundation has convinced a number of corporations and their executives to follow suit. Alicia Procello Maddox and the Avery Dennison Foundation have even enacted a 5 year plan to take steps to align their business and manufacturing plans with things that will help the world improve its position, and hopefully stifle some of the devastation. However, even with voices in high places like Alicia Procello Maddox and other executives and heads of industry, many still feel the need to deny things like climate change and continue to pollute and harm the planet and the world’s ecosystems. These deniers despite being in the minority at this point, are still able to cause issues on their own. Not only will their actions, continue to harm the planet but if their negative rhetoric is able to sway the opinions of those with power, the planet and our world’s ecosystem could reach the critical point of devastation we are all fearing. While opinions go back and forth, and are just a matter of where you stand, the facts are impossible to debate. And those who are gaining traction like Alicia Procello Maddox are doing just that, sticking to the facts in their arguments, as well as appealing to the greater good. Here are 5 factual signs of climate change, actual proof that Global Warming is already upon us.

Artic Sea Ice The Arctic regions of the world are known to be covered with thick sheets of ice, and reach sub-0 temperatures often. Satellite imaging shows that the actual area in the Arctic covered by sea ice is dwindling each year. And while this has opened up new shipping routes to oil resources, it has ruined the habitat for Arctic wildlife. And the warmer our planet gets the more the ice caps melt, and will eventually flood the land.

Rising Ocean Levels While the temperature continues to rise year over year, the ice caps melt, and the global sea level continues to rise. Because of these higher sea levels, ecosystems around the world are being threatened, and human development around coastal areas are being destroyed. This causes mass floods and weather patterns that are out of the ordinary.

Rising Sea Temperatures An issue that many have continued to argue is the rising of the global sea temperatures. Individuals like Alicia Procello Maddox and her team at Avery Dennison have debated a number of ways to solve this issue as, rising sea temperatures mean damage to coral reefs, and death to certain fish who live their or depend on cooler temperatures for life. Also warmer surface temperatures can increase the destructive force of tropical storms, hurricanes, and cyclones.

Rising Humidity Weather stations around the world have experienced continued rises in global humidity and you may have felt it too. As the planet continues to warm, humidity increases, meaning more AC’s to keep us cool and comfortable and rising electricity usage.

Higher Temperature in the Lower Atmosphere The lower part of our atmosphere is generally where humans reside, planes fly, and weather occurs. Satellite measurements show this area rising in temperature year over year, this causes greenhouse gasses to build up and trap heat within this area. Alicia Procello Maddox hopes to find solutions for this issue with Avery Dennison’s sustainability plan. This continues to cause issues in our quality of life, as well as increase our planets temperature.


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